Yiwu Market

Yiwu International Trade City is the primary wholesale market in Yiwu, China.  It is the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities.  In addition to this market, there are a number of other large wholesale markets in Yiwu including the Huangyuan Market for clothing, several furniture markets, capital goods market and many others.

Please look through this page to have a glance of the Yiwu Market.  By clicking onto the image, you can find a map of the different commodities in each building.  The size of each building is enormous.  Yiwu Trading Company can help you zero in on the items you are looking for and guide you.

Here you can have a glance at the Yiwu market. By clicking on each image, you can find a map of those different market and what are the products there.

Yiwu International Trade City District 1 was formally put into use on 22 October 2002.  This district covers an area of 340,000 m2, with over 10,000 businesses and 9,000 booths.

Yiwu Market District 2 (F, G) opened on October 22, 2004, the market covers an area of 483 acres, construction area of more than 60 million square meters, with more than 8,000 stands.

Yiwu Market District 3 covers an area of 460,000 square meters. It has industry of the stationery, sporting goods, cosmetics, glasses, zippers, buttons and clothing accessories and other industries.

Yiwu Market District 4 officially opened on October 21, 2008. The market construction area is of 1.08 million square meters, with more than 16,000 business stands rent by more than 19,000 business households.

The district 5 covers an area of 266.2 acres, construction area of 640,000 square meters, a total investment of 1.42 billion yuan ( near 221,5 million USD), five layers of ground, two underground, with more than 7,000 business stands.

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