Yiwu Market District 3

Yiwu International Trade City, District 3 is of the construction area of 460,000 square meters. One to three floors have 6,000 stands of 14 square meters. Four to five floors have more than 600 stands with 80-100 square meters. The fourth floor is for the production of direct marketing center.
Industry Categories:Buttons, Zippers, Glasses, Cosmetics, Pens & Ink & Paper Articles, Office Supplies & Stationery, Sporting Articles, Sporting Equipment, Material.


Yiwu Futian Market Area Three is include Yiwu stationery market, Yiwu glasses market, Yiwu sports item market, Yiwu office supplies market, Yiwu cosmetics and cosmetic accessory market, Yiwu personal beauty&care market, Yiwu button&zipper market, Yiwu garment accessories market, Yiwu decorative painting and decorative painting accessory market.

The following is the specific products location :

First Floor:All kinds of Pen, ink, paper products and glasses.

Second Floor:All kinds of stationery,office supplies,sports and leisure items.

Third Floor:All kinds of cosmetics&cosmetic accessory,personal beauty&care, mirrors and combs,button&zipper and garment accessories.

Fourth Floor: factories of cosmetics and personal beauty&care,factories of sports and outdoor items, factories of garment accessories.

Fifth Floor: decorative painting and decorative painting accessory.

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