Warehousing and loading

For businesses that purchase goods from multiple suppliers, consolidating goods in one place and transporting them together in a container, can save a lot of unwanted trouble. This way they or their customs broker need to do custom clearance and importing procedure just for once. This also avoids much of the damage while transportation since the container is directly sent to customer’s warehouse to be unloaded there. We offer the following warehousing services.

1. Warehousing

You are going to need this option when you want goods from multiple suppliers to be consolidated and inspected or repacked or labelled before being loaded and shipped to your destination. We offer free warehousing for one month to our customers.

2. Labelling and repacking

If you have specific labelling requirements and the supplier is not able to label the goods the way you want, we can do it in our warehouse for you.

3. Loading supervision

We supervise the loading of all containers in our warehouse to make sure that the goods are properly loaded in the container and the job can be passed to the shipping company smoothly. This includes many steps that are explained as follows.

  • preparing the packing list considering what goods are legally allowed to be loaded in the container or are prioritized by the customer to be loaded first.
  • Making sure that the weight of goods is evenly distributed in the container
  • Making sure that the fragile goods are handled properly.
  • Re-checking if the outer packages are labelled correctly.
  • Making sure that the right quantity of the right goods is being loaded in the container based on the packing list.
  • Taking pictures of the loading process which are a necessary part of loading documentation
  • Sealing the container with the special container bolt seal to make sure no one opens it before it is delivered to customer’s hands.

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