Transportation is a necessary part of procuring goods from overseas and choosing the right transportation method, finding the right transportation company and preparing the needed documents can be a headache for many people. Thus, we provide the following services to our customers to help them have a worry-free experience.

1. Booking shipment

If you don’t really know how to find the best way to transport your goods from China, you can just ask us, and based on factors such as your delivery deadline, budget, and range of service needed, we will recommend you the best shipping method and book a shipment for you.

2. Document preparation and collaboration

We will prepare all the export documents such as proforma invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and other necessary documents. we will also collaborate with the shipping agent and the customs broker in evert step to make sure the whole export process is done smoothly.

3. Tracking Cargo

We will keep track the delivery of your goods on a regular basis and try to ensure that the goods are delivered on time as promised or if there is a problem caused by a force majeure, we will let you know as soon as possible so that you can be able to take measures in a timely manner and avoid more problems.

One Stop Supply Chain Services