Supplier management


Without doubt suppliers are one of the most valuable partners for a business. Therefore, we do the following supplier management activities to keep good relations with them and asses their performance, reliability and credibility constantly.

1. Order follow up

For each order we closely monitor, follow up and assess supplier activities to ensure each order is prepared on time and according to customer requirements.

2. Supplier performance assessment and relationship management

We know well that only primary supplier assessment is not enough for ensuring that the suppliers’ performance will be great all the time. Therefore, we always collect, analyze data and prioritize suppliers based on key performance indicators such as on time delivery and qualified products percentage after inspection.

We also make sure that we have good relations with key suppliers by practicing good business ethics.

3. Payment management

A lot of businesses have to deal with multiple suppliers that each have different payment requirements which makes it time consuming and costly for them to make payments. While working with us, you can consider us your all-in-one supplier. After we do the sourcing and purchasing, you can transfer the total amount of payments to us and then we will rapidly make the payments to suppliers.


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