Sourcing is the first and most important step for businesses procuring goods from China, but because of its unique cultural and language characteristics and different business ethics, it is hard for non-local companies to find credible suppliers that can manufacture products exactly according to their quality and time requirements, and even if they succeed to do so, in most cases they will find out that they will have a very hard time trying to have effective communication and avoid misunderstanding with suppliers.

Having an experienced and professional sourcing team on ground, we assure you that we will find credible and reliable suppliers who can manufacture your goods exactly matching your time and quality requirements with a very competitive price in four steps.

1. Requirement gathering

In this step we will acquire the exact requirements from you such as target price, delivery time and location, product weight, size, color, material, usage …etc.

2. Finding the right supplier

After gathering your requirements we will find the right supplier in one of the following ways.

  1. By searching through our supplier database in which suppliers are carefully graded based on their credibility, ability and performance.
  2. By searching for suppliers online, in our exhibitions supplier database or in local wholesale markets and verifying their credibility via looking up their history in the legal database and sending a sourcing expert to manufacturer’s location to do the on ground verification, credibility assessment and negotiation.

3. Sample inspection

After the second step we acquire a sample from the supplier and inspect it carefully based on customer requirement or will post it to the customer for further check if needed.


4. Signing  contract and placing order

Finally we will sign a purchase contract with the supplier to ensure we can legally protect our customers in case there is any complications.

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