Quality management


When someone wants to import goods, they wish to receive exactly what they ordered especially when the reputation, growth, or survival of their business depends on those goods.

Production of goods and delivery of them to your hands involves a long and complicated process. Therefore, depending on the needs and requirements of each business, different quality control measures need to be taken.

At Pamika, depending on the requirements of the customer we conduct three different kinds of quality control and assurance measures to make sure we deliver the highest quality service to our customers

Quality inspection

1. Pre-production inspection

Pre-production inspection is conducted in the manufacturer’s facility and includes checking of raw material, tools, and machinery used for production to see if the manufacturer has the ability and capacity to produce the required quantity of goods, within the timeframe and the quality standards required. We recommend this type of quality control be conducted in the following cases.

  • When you have strict quality standards and are working with this manufacturer for the first time.
  • When late deliveries or substandard products could bring you irreparable losses which makes this a considerably worthy measure to prevent problems.
  • When you want to mass-produce and introduce a new product to the market.
  • When your products are supposed to be used in a large project that has very tight deadlines for delivery dates.


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