A brand is something more than just a trademark or logo, it is an identity that customers refer back to after getting a pleasant and different experience from a product the brand provides. But a trademark and a logo are still important parts of that identity. We provide the following branding services to our customers in order to help them create great brands

1. Package design printing

In the past packaging was just an outer layer for the product to protect it while being transferred from point A to B. but as time goes by, its function has evolved, and now it has become a silent but powerful sales tool for a lot of companies. Now distinctive and creative packaging can make your product stand out in the crowd, make that great first impression, and trigger the desire in people to buy it. Sometimes after the product is bought and the customer takes it back home, what they experience at the time of opening the package is also very important because it is a pivotal moment in the customer experience. Understanding the importance of packaging for businesses, we offer professional package design and printing services to help our customers stand out in the crowd and enhance the customer experience.

2. Making promotional gifts

Giving away promotional gifts to people is a very cost-effective advertising method that is used by a lot of businesses. Using promotional gifts you can promote your brand through people who might not necessarily be your customers but can be good brand ambassadors. We offer services for a wide variety of promotional gifts from daily used products such as pens, calendars, umbrellas, and mouse pads to more luxury and creative items such as wireless and portable phone chargers.

3. Preparing professional promotional pictures and videos of products.

Now with the rapid development of e-commerce platforms, how your products look on the shelf is not the only important thing. No matter how good your product is, no one is going to buy it if they can’t see its advantages. Therefore, you need to make sure that people see all the advantages and benefits of your product. We provide the following product photography and video shooting services if you want to save some time and costs and start promoting your products even before receiving them.

Simple lean cut photos

Clean-cut photos with props

Infographic photos

Lifestyle photos

Product videos

4. Brand registration in China.

You never want to have your brand rights owned by someone else or used as ransomware against yourself. thus, one of the first things you need to do when it comes to branding is to have it registered legally under your name in the countries where you sell your products or are planning to do so. Even more important than that is having the brand name registered under your name in the country where your goods are produced and exported from. If your goods are produced in China, registering your brand with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) makes the right to sell your goods in China exclusive to you and even registering with the customs office can help you prevent the exporting of counterfeit goods under your brand name as the Chinese customs will seize the counterfeit goods and contact you to take further action. This is a strong and valuable protection against counterfeiting, not only in China but also anywhere those goods are being shipped. We can help you register your brand here with CNIPA and protect your brand rights.

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