Product development


A great success factor for a lot of businesses is innovation and creating new and unique products but changing an idea or drawing it into a real product and mass production seems to be a costly option in many countries. Therefore, most companies turn to China to develop and produce their products. We help our customers to create their own products by providing the following services before mass production.

1.Product design

If you have a new product idea and have already done the basic research, the next step is turning that idea into a 3D design which will make the idea presentable. All you need to do is give us a sketch and description of your idea and we will turn it into a 3D design
for you. We are of course going to sign an intellectual property contract with you to ensure the protection of your rights.

2. Intellectual property registration

To make sure that your product is not going to be produced and sold by other manufacturers, we register your product design with CNIPA (China national intellectual property administration) under your name. we will follow up on the registration process and communicate with you in every step.

3. Moulding

Another step you need to take after registration for intellectual property protection is making a mould for mass production and making sure it is owned by you. We will sign contracts both with the mould maker and the manufacturer to make sure we protect the intellectual property rights of our customer and can change the manufacturer without any risk if there is any problem

4. Prototype validation and testing

Before mass production of any product, it is necessary to create a prototype and test and validate it. You never want to find a problem in the product after mass production.
We can create the prototype for you and test it based on your requirements and send you a test report

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