About Us


PAMIKA GENERAL TRADING COMPNAY is a professional commodities trading company based in Yiwu China. We are absorbed in a series of service such as Booking hotels, Purchasing, Warehousing(QC), Translation, Export, transfer and etc.


 Pamika general trading company is based in Yiwu city in eastern part of People’s Republic of china. For more than one decade we have been providing professional business services to our customers such as purchasing, control and inspection, marketing, road transportation, air and sea cargo and custom clearance. As a professional services provider we have also built strong relationship with many industrial machinery and commodity products factories and suppliers and have frequently participated in international exhibitions in china. We are also familiar with Chinese government business rules and regulations.

Now with a new approach we have decided to take our services to a whole new level and ensure the growth of your business. We have added professional business consultation and planning to the above mentioned services and are opening new branches in our target markets.

Our Mission Statement

To Provide the Quality Service that our Customers Want and Expect! Our customers trust us to provide assistance in satisfying their needs. In the past few years of commodities trading, we have learned that long-term relationships matter far more than short-term gains.Whether you are a new customer or have been a customer for a long period of time, we will deliver positive solutions to assist with your needs.


Our Great Team

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Isaac Ahmadi

Founder - CEO

Naeem Rezaie

Operation Manager

Mahmood Zaki

Procurement manager

Anwar Rezaie


Ali Rezaie

Senior Graphic Designer

Mahdi Rezaie

Customer Service